Let the Doggone Fun Begin: 10 Games for Your Dog in UAE's Sizzling Summer!

Let the Doggone Fun Begin: 10 Games for Your Dog in UAE's Sizzling Summer!


UAE's summer heat is no joke, but that doesn't mean we can't have a paw-some time with our furry friends! When the temperatures rise, it's time to get creative and find fun ways to keep our dogs entertained and active. So, grab a cool drink and let's dive into 10 fun games to play with your dog this summer in UAE!

Splash Party:
Who says you can't beat the heat? Set up a mini water park in your backyard or head to a dog-friendly beach. Watch your dog's excitement as they splash, paddle, and have the time of their lives in the cool water.

Ice Treat Hunt:
Cool down your pup with a refreshing ice treat hunt. Hide frozen goodies around the house or freeze them into ice cubes. Your dog will have a blast using their sniffer to find these icy treasures while beating the summer heat.

Slip 'n' Slide:
Turn your backyard into a doggie water park by creating a DIY slip 'n' slide. Lay down a tarp or a plastic sheet, add some water, and watch your pup slide and zoom across the wet surface. Prepare for endless giggles and wagging tails!

Bubble Chase:
Who doesn't love bubbles? Blow dog-friendly bubbles for your four-legged pal to chase and pop. It's a hilarious sight to see your dog leaping and snapping at those soapy spheres. Just make sure the bubble solution is safe for dogs.

Frozen Fetch:
Take a twist on the classic game of fetch by freezing your dog's favorite toys. The challenge? They'll have to retrieve the toys from a block of ice! It's a cool and interactive game that will keep them entertained for hours.

Treasure Dig:
Create a treasure hunt for your dog in a designated digging area. Bury toys, treats, or even a hidden water dish for them to discover. Watching them dig up their rewards will make you smile and keep them mentally stimulated.

Agility Challenge:
Set up a mini agility course in your yard using household items like cones, tunnels, and hurdles. Guide your dog through the course, teaching them to jump, weave, and crawl. It's a fantastic way to exercise their body and mind.

Frozen Fruit Feast:
Prepare a frozen fruit feast for your pup. Fill a Kong toy with mashed fruits like banana, watermelon, or blueberries, and freeze it. Your dog will enjoy licking and chewing the refreshing treat, keeping them cool and satisfied.

Let the search party begin! Have a family member distract your dog while you hide and call their name. It's their mission to sniff you out and discover your hiding spot. Their tail-wagging excitement when they find you is priceless.

Evening Stroll:
When the sun sets, take your dog for a leisurely evening stroll along the beach or in a dog-friendly park. The cooler temperatures make it the perfect time for a relaxed walk, giving your pup the chance to explore new scents and stretch their legs.


UAE's scorching summer doesn't mean our dogs have to miss out on the fun. With these 10 games, you can keep your furry friend entertained, mentally stimulated, and physically active while beating the heat. Remember to prioritize your dog's safety and comfort during these activities. So, get out there, make some priceless memories, and enjoy the doggone fun with your best furry friend this summer in UAE!
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